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Report: Peyton Manning considering offer to join Panthers ownership group

A guy who spent plenty of time in North Carolina in connection with his playing career could be spending plenty more time there as part of his post-playing activities.

Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning is considering an offer to become part of the potential Panthers ownership group led by billionaire Ben Navarro.

However it plays out, everyone will need to get more information about the specifics of this rule before the games start.

You pointed it out, free safety, if the right spot were there would we have done something, absolutely. But it just didn’t work out that way and we certainly didn’t want to push the issue. We had to make a few tough decisions on whether to go with another need or the free safety need. But we feel like, overall, we’re very comfortable and confident where we are. But there’s still a lot of work to do between now and the start of the season.

Since the arbitration process is now independent, a legal challenge to the ruling has almost no chance (more accurately, no chance at all) of prevailing. The PED policy gives the NFLPA’s executive director the ability to petition the Commissioner to vacate or reduce the discipline, if there are “extraordinary circumstances” to support such action, but good luck with that.

So, basically, it’s over. And if Ingram truly was taking a banned substance that isn’t a PED or an illegal substance for which a therapeutic use exemption could have been obtained, that’s on Ingram for failing to seek and obtain the TUE. Otherwise, it’s a case of strict liability. Test positive, get suspended.

And even though the agents now claim Ingram didn’t test positive for a performance enhancing substance, they concede he tested positive for a substance banned by the policy. Which means it is a PED, by definition.orioles_012

So how far Brady has come to be the awesome competitor he is now isn’t a knock — it’s another feather in his helmet.

Peyton Manning and Brett Favre put up gaudy statistics during their careers. But Brady is catching up fast, even though he was not asked to light it up for the Patriots early in his career. All seven of his 30-plus TD pass seasons have come after age 30.

Brady has climbed up to No. 3 on the all-time passing touchdowns list, tied with Brees with 488. He’s third all time in career passer rating with his 97.6. He’s also fourth in career passing yards with 66,159. But what’s most amazing: He has played in more than two full seasons worth of playoff games — an NFL record 36. He’s 27-9 in those games.

Surviving and thriving in football is physically demanding, especially in contrast to other sports. And for Brady to also maintain mental advantages is downright unfair. It comes back to his mindset, his best natural talent.

“I love this sport. I admire all the guys who’ve played before me and I realize how hard it is,” Brady said. “I grew up a fan of Joe Montana, Steve Young, Dan Marino, John Elway and Warren Moon and watched them all. I loved watching football highlights, watching guys’ techniques, dropbacks and throws.

“They paved the way for us quarterbacks today. We’re paving the way for quarterbacks of the future. I’m a hell of a lot older than most of the guys in the league now, so there’s a lot of guys who are probably looking at me like I used to look at them.”

Watch all three “Dilly Dilly!” commercials in order below. “Ye Old Pep Talk” is scheduled to air during the first quarter of Super Bowl 52; “The Bud Knight” will air during the second quarter.

Tom Brady did not need to lead the Patriots to victory last year in Super Bowl 51 to strengthen his position as the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.

“One for the thumb,” though, has a nice ring to it. Brady’s fifth title also stamped his status as the NFL’s best overall player.

Leave it to the Saints’ Drew Brees, another excellent, older quarterback, to remind us what Brady has done. Keep in mind Brees, no doubt an elite quarterback, has one ring with New Orleans. In comparison, Brady’s accomplishments seem all the more impressive.