Eagles fans will not be getting unlimited Bud Light at the Super Bowl parade

Eagles tackle Lane Johnson promised the city of Philadelphia free beer if the Eagles won the Super Bowl back in August. Later that afternoon, Bud Light agreed that if the Eagles won, they’d back up that promise.

While Bud Light will be offering beer at the Eagles’ parade on Thursday, it won’t be all-you-can-drink as initially believed. Philly Mag spoke with a spokesperson for Anheuser-Busch, who described how it’s going to work:

The rep says that the company is giving away one free Bud Light per person 21 and up at bars along the parade route, which covers quite a bit of ground. On Monday, the city confirmed that the Super Bowl parade in Philly is currently slated to go from way down at Broad and Pattison in South Philadelphia all the way up to the Art Museum. There are a lot of bars along the way. There won’t be free Bud Light at all of them.

Pereira also waded into the debate surrounding the NFL’s catch rule, even harking back to the infamous 2014 Dez Bryant non-catch.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has previously signaled the league’s intent to revisit the catch rule this offseason, and Pereira has made it clear that changes must be made.

Under my proposal, said Pereira, and what I think the rule ought to change to be, then I think Dez Bryant’s catch was a catch.

Fans throughout the star-studded crowd reacted with varying levels of bemusement and enthusiasm while her languid, two-plus-minute version of the song continued. Although Fergie was on pitch, her tempo, musical accompaniment and sexy delivery were not exactly typical for a sporting event or a patriotic song.

Golden State All-Star Draymond Green captured the mood — and became an instant GIF — when he was shown open-mouthed on the scoreboard and the television broadcast in apparent confusion over the unique vocal stylings. Green then chuckled to himself after realizing he was on TV.

After a forceful finish, Fergie finally got big cheers when she shouted, “Let’s play some basketball!”

The Grammy Award-winning singer, born Stacy Ann Ferguson, is from nearby Hacienda Heights, California.jaguars_088-223x223

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